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Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot trade after the market is closed or shut down. Even though trading no more requires physical presence it isn’t possible to trade after the market is shut down. You can only trade between 09:15 am to 3:30 pm, however many passive investors trade after trading hours. The orders placed after trading hours are called AMO or After Market Orders and they sometimes create a volatile market. AMO also causes price fluctuations in the share price.


Yes, you can only trade between 09:15 am to 3:30 pm on weekdays. But you can place AMO type of orders after these trading hours.

Undervalued stocks are stocks that are priced lower than their fair price. Investors find these stocks using fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis involves calculating asset value by analyzing external influences like industry trends. Technical analysis includes evaluation of price movements with the help of historic data. With these methods, traders evaluate the fair price of the undervalued stocks. You can always research more to get answers to your share market questions related to undervalued stocks.

Researching Stocks depends on the type of investment. If it’s trading and not long term investment you can rely on historic charts, price trends, so on. and you need not invest a lot of time in research. If you have long term investment plans you need to do thorough research about the company. You need to research the company fundamentals, analyze financial statements, competitor analysis, etc. if the investment period is of more than a year.